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Your First Visit

Make sure you arrive on time for your initial consultation so we have a full 75 minutes to get a full picture of your health. I will ask in-depth questions about your reason for seeking acupuncture, as well as background questions on your general health, wellbeing and history.


The treatment itself lasts from 20-45 minutes and often employ other auxiliary techniques like moxabustion (Chinese Mugwort), gua sha, electroacupuncture or palpation which I explain in an accessible language for you to understand how they lend to this ancient medicine.

Before Treatment

Please make sure to eat a light meal a couple of hours before treatment and  wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, which is easy to pull up at the elbows and knees to reduce the need to get completely undressed.

You might also find this Information Care Sheet useful to note on what's normal following a treatment and take home care advice. You can find more information in my FAQ's or if anything isn't answered don't hesitate to send me an email.

Your First Visit: About
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