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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it hurt?

As acupuncture needles are hair-thin, you may not feel the needle at all when it is inserted. When stimulated you may feel a warm or dull sensation, a tingling up or down the limb, something unusual but not painful.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is a safe technique using very fine, single use, pre-sterilised needles with guide tubes when practised by a fully trained, qualified, licensed acupuncturist. All members of the BAcC are required to undertake the highest quality of training and follow strict codes of safe acupuncture practice, professional conduct and hygiene standards and are approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

What can I expect from my first treatment?

Your initial session will begin with a comprehensive 75 minute consultation. This helps me understand how to treat you as a whole and get to the root, rather than just treat your symptoms. In the clinic I will take a tongue and pulse observation or palpate any areas that may be affected. Needling is painless and usually takes half an hour and may be accompanied by Moxa, Gua Sha or Infrared Heat Lamps. We will discuss a treatment plan to create a dialogue around what we can expect from a course of treatment. Treatments will always be accompanied with lifestyle or nutrition advice (Yang Sheng) that can help you work with this ancient medicine beyond the session.

How many sessions will I need?

Acupuncture treatments are tailored to each individual client. The number of treatments needed will depend on your health as a whole. As an accumulative medicine, typically 3 – 6 sessions will be needed to start seeing improvements, but for some patients this may be shorter or longer. As we start to see how the body responds to treatment, the number of future sessions can be suggested.

Do I need to be ill to have acupuncture?

Not at all! Traditionally, people used acupuncture as a form of preventative medicine. Feeling well is so much more than just not being ill. Good health is a reflection of your attitude to life and your sense of well-being. Keeping healthy in the modern world can be a challenge; this ancient system holds so much insight.

Can I have acupuncture if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, please make sure to let me know as some acupuncture points are contra-indicated in pregnancy.

What do I wear?

It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes when coming for treatment. You will only need to expose certain parts of your body, typically your forearms and lower legs. If you need to remove any items of clothing for treatment your underwear will always stay on and you will be covered by drapes so that only the part of the body to be worked on will be visible.

What to know before coming to treatment…

It is advisable to have something to eat prior to an acupuncture session as low blood sugar during treatment may make you feel faint. After treatment you may feel a little more tired and relaxed than usual, this is perfectly normal. Please wear loose clothing for your appointment so you are comfortable on the treatment couch.

Is the cost of treatment covered by my private insurance?

Possibly – please check with your health provider, as individual schemes have different terms and conditions.

How do I book?

Click on the Book Now button in the header or menu of this page and get in touch with when an Initial Consultation would most suit your schedule. Or drop me and email on
If you are unsure how acupuncture can help you.

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